Prepping for Parking Lot Striping

Prepping for Parking Lot Striping

Here at Go Pave Utah, we think a smooth, jet-black asphalt pavement with clean, bright striping lines is, well, *chef’s kiss*. Call us crazy, but it’s like artwork and we walk away from every job proud of our artistic abilities. Seeing every business in Utah with a well-designed parking lot with clear instructions and a clean look is our dream. Faded parking lots suggest neglect and it can affect the flow of traffic at your business. Hire a true artist with Go Pave Utah and make your lot the envy of pavement connoisseurs everywhere.

Prepping for The Job

There are a few prep items to consider before starting your parking lot project. Asphalt crews will need to check for cracks and potholes and make any necessary repairs before starting the striping project. If these repairs are not completed before coating and striping, the pavement will crack sooner and show wear earlier. Businesses will also need to prepare for parking at another location. Larger parking lots can close off portions and do sections at a time, limiting disruption for customers and employees. However, smaller businesses with only one area to choose from will need to adequately notify customers and employees so they know with enough time that they’ll need to adjust where they park while the job is being done. You’ll also need to ensure every vehicle has been moved before striping can begin.

Cleaning off the pavement is also important, and your crew will come in a sweep away dirt and debris. If your lost has accumulated trash, you’ll also need to arrange to get that removed. A professional cleaning will ensure the striping sticks and looks great. Another consideration many businesses don’t think of is to turn off the sprinkling system. Asphalt striping needs to be applied to a completely dry surface and needs to remain dry for at least 12 hours. If your lot is in the shade or it’s an especially cool day, the striping may need up to 24 hours to set. If crews show up to a wet parking lot because sprinklers weren’t turned off the night before, the project will have to wait.

Safe and Beautiful

Clear striping is not only beautiful, but it makes for a safe parking lot. Especially larger lots, drivers need to know how traffic is intended to flow. Avoid car accidents or injuries with clear instructions for drivers. This includes parking spaces, too. Some businesses with larger vehicles being common may want to stripe for larger parking spaces, where tight parking lots may want to squeeze in as many as reasonably possible. You need to be mindful of handicap parking in terms of how many spaces are needed and how much space each one needs. Every business has different demands, which can be accommodated in your parking lot design. Make sure you hire professional asphalt stripers to ensure you get a quality job. Not only will an expert team deliver a great product, but they can provide valuable advice for your particular parking lot’s traffic flow and needs.




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