Asphalt Striping

Asphalt striping has to be done right. Not only is it important to how your property looks, but it’s crucial in managing how your parking lot is used and the flow of traffic within it.

A parking lot with nice, bright white or yellow stripes is reassuring to motorists. It can be unsettling to arrive at an unfamiliar parking lot or garage and not be able to clearly see the lines painted on the asphalt or cement.

And it’s not just the lines that are important, but the arrows and the no-parking areas too. How will motorists know which way traffic flows if they can’t see any arrows painted on the ground? Or how can they know if it’s OK to park at the edge of a lot if there are no marks indicating it is a no-parking area?

It’s simple — if you don’t want chaos, you need lines.

Parking Lot Striping & Parking Space Marking in Murray, Utah

High-Quality Paint for Utah Asphalt Striping

Here at Go Pave Utah, we use the best commercial paints available for parking lot striping. Although most paint looks nice when first applied, only the quality paints will last without fading or chipping off. Doing the job more often with a lower-quality paint is not cost-effective, since materials are less than half the cost of the project. It’s better to do it right the first time and expect results to endure.

Moreover, you must use the right kind of paint with the right chemical makeup to properly adhere to asphalt. If you are striping cement, you need a different kind of paint.

Temperature can be important when doing parking lot striping as well. The extreme heat and cold Utah experiences can affect paint’s viscosity as well as drying time. Generally, parking lot stripes should be dry in 30 to 60 minutes. Don’t rush this, or you will have a situation you’ve undoubtedly seen before — tire tracks all over a lot made by cars that drove on the stripes before they were dry.

Periodic Asphalt Striping in the Greater Salt Lake City Area

With proper application, most lots need restriping every two years. Try to coordinate this with any repairs you may be expecting to do. If you need lots of cracks and holes filled, it’s better to wait until this job is done to embark on restriping, so that you’re not always touching up your lot.

And don’t forget to consider the Americans with Disabilities Act when planning your parking lot’s striping. These regulations call for a certain number of spaces per business/lot, they mandate a particular size space, and you must delineate them properly with the right type of markings. Failure to adhere to this can result in fines.

For the best in quality asphalt striping, call Go Pave Utah.



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