Asphalt Repair

If you have a parking lot, you will need asphalt crack repair at some point — it’s unavoidable.
The reasons asphalt cracks are many. If the pavement was poured too thinly, this can result in cracking. The asphalt has to be thick enough to withstand repeated exposure to heavy vehicles.

But even if the asphalt is the correct thickness, if the prep site underneath was not done properly, this can also lead to cracking. Asphalt needs a strong foundation. The site needs to be excavated, leveled and filled with the right mixture of materials so that it provides the necessary stability.

Weakened paver seams can also lead to faster cracking. Every parking lot has seams, because after all, you cannot lay the asphalt down in one large sheet. Constructing the joints is challenging even for a seasoned paving company. Factors including weather, type of equipment, size and shape of the lot and more can all affect the strength of the joints.

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Poor Maintenance in Utah Results in Needing Asphalt Crack Repair

But most asphalt cracks due to lack of proper maintenance. When you first have your Utah parking lot installed, your contractor will likely include a sealant as part of the job. But these do not last forever — they need to be reapplied periodically. But like many of life’s chores, if there’s no emergency, the job may be shelved.

In the meantime, small cracks begin to appear, and they slowly get larger. Slowly is the key here, because it’s not the type of damage you may notice right away — it’s insidious. And the cracks are not just ugly; they act as a portal for rainwater and snowmelt to penetrate your lot’s surface, eroding the substrate and undermining the integrity of your entire lot.

Tools for Asphalt Repair in the Greater Salt Lake City Area

If you have cracks in your Utah parking lot, call us for asphalt crack repair. Our sophisticated equipment means the job we do will last. We use a special air pump that blows dust and dirt out of the cracks to improve adherence to the repair material. We apply the material using exceptionally high heat, melting the sides of the crack together and filling in all empty spaces. The result is a strong bond that no moisture will penetrate.

Although many homeowners and small-business owners take on asphalt crack repair themselves, this is not always a good decision. If you are repairing a few small cracks in your driveway, you are likely to do little harm attempting the job yourself (though you might also do little good).

But if you have a larger or commercial lot, the stakes are higher. The time and energy you would invest in trying to do a job you have neither the tools nor the skills for will likely lead to disappointment. Even if the job looked nice when you were done, you may not be aware that the cracks were not 100 percent sealed, and moisture still may be seeping into your asphalt parking lot.

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