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For Utah parking lots, asphalt paving is the best choice. Small lots and driveways can be done with cement, but for large, commercial lots, asphalt is the way to go.

As anyone who’s ever had to endure a road construction project in their neighborhood knows, asphalt paving is a big, multistep job. Whether you have a parking lot now that needs rebuilding or an area with vegetation that you want to turn into a parking lot, demolition is the first step. We must get rid of anything in the way, including existing asphalt or cement, vegetation, rocks, debris, etc.

Asphalt is recyclable, so any product that we remove from your property will go into making other asphalt products such as pavement and shingles.

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Grading for Utah Asphalt Paving

Next, the area must be properly graded and sloped. The lot should be flat, but not 100 percent flat — there should be a slight slope that directs rainwater runoff so you do not have standing water on your asphalt parking lot.

After the area is cleared and graded, we add the base layer, which is critical to the stability and longevity of your asphalt driveway. These layers are made of various aggregates, including crushed stone or crushed concrete. The layers must be deep and compact enough to support the asphalt structure on top.

The base is then consolidated with a liquid binder that holds it securely in place, ensuring no loose particles get caught up in the asphalt application.

The Final Step: Asphalt Paving for Parking Lots in the Greater Salt Lake City Area

Only after all these steps are taken does the asphalt paving commence. Asphalt — made of aggregate, sand and oil — provides a strong, durable, attractive surface for your parking lot. But the mixture is not always the same, as it is with cement. Different proportions and additives are necessary depending on factors such as the depth (or even existence) of a base coat. The temperatures at which the asphalt is mixed also affect the outcome of the product.

Special care is taken with the joints that help the surface adhere as well. Once this is done, we roll it flat to achieve the smoothest surface possible.

Follow up the installation with asphalt striping, and your Utah parking lot is complete. To properly maintain it so it lasts longer, make sure it remains free of standing water and debris, seal any cracks promptly and have sealant coats applied regularly.

When you need a new parking lot in Utah, call your expert asphalt paving company.



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