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If you’re diligent about asphalt maintenance, you can help your parking lot last much longer.

A nice, smooth, new asphalt parking lot painted with bright yellow lines is a beautiful sight to behold. It’s also a major investment. What can you do to protect it?
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Utah Weather vs. Asphalt Parking Lots

One of the major enemies of asphalt is the weather. Extreme heat, freezing cold, pooling water and mountains of snow can all affect a parking lot’s integrity, and those are all weather situations we have here in Utah. Any cracks in the surface allow rainwater and melting snow access to the ground below, where it could cause erosion or form potholes — both serious threats to a parking lot.

New asphalt should be smooth and even, and it should slope ever so slightly so that rainwater quickly runs off the surface and into a drainage system. But if the drain is clogged with leaves or other debris, water could back up and do damage.

Whether you rent or own your business’s property, be sure to keep the drains clear so that your parking lot doesn’t suffer the effects of standing water.

To give your parking lot a leg up repelling moisture, get it sealed regularly.

Just Say No to Cracks in the Greater Salt Lake City Area with Asphalt Maintenance

Having cracks filled and sealed is also an important part of asphalt maintenance. Theoretically, if an asphalt parking lot had no cracks, it would be immune to rainwater and snowmelt. But all parking lots eventually develop cracks. The daily pressure of supporting the weight of many vehicles simultaneously takes a toll. If trailer trucks or other types of heavy equipment frequent your business, this wears on an asphalt parking lot even more quickly.

Crack filling and sealing is an annual maintenance task for many businesses, and it helps prevent the development of potholes and other more serious damage.

Oil Eats Away at Asphalt

Another common enemy of asphalt parking lots is oil. Oil left to sit on an asphalt parking lot can began to degrade the surface, causing crumbling and breakage. Whereas many fluids that can leak from a vehicle can leave spots behind on asphalt, oil will reflect a rainbow pattern in the sunlight, helping you to identify this damaging substance.

Although a bottle of Dawn dishwashing liquid or a can of Coke can break up the oil, it’s probably best to invest in a big bottle of commercial degreaser. You’ll have it handy whenever you notice a stain, and you can just pour some on, agitate with a brush and rinse it away.

Letting oil spots sit briefly may not affect your parking lot too extensively, but these stains must be removed before sealing, or the product may not adhere properly.

For more guidance on proper Utah asphalt maintenance, contact us here at Go Pave Utah. Our experts can help you ensure that your parking lot stays secure and intact for years to come.



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