Asphalt Patching

Got potholes? Asphalt patching may be the answer.

Repaving an entire parking lot can get expensive. If your parking lot was paved correctly and has been maintained well, it should last 20 or even 30 years. But no asphalt is immune to wear and tear.

Extreme heat and cold, poor drainage, snowplowing and the weight of heavy vehicles all can take a toll on asphalt. Your Utah parking lot will last longer if you repair cracks and holes right away.

Asphalt Patching Contractor

What Causes Potholes?

Potholes are formed when melting snow seeps through cracks in the pavement and refreezes. Ice forms below the surface, pushing the pavement up, often breaking it further in the process. Snowplowing over frost heaves wreaks havoc, but these pieces of pavement are easily dislodged even by ordinary traffic. The resulting holes fill with more snow and rain, and the damage only worsens.

A parking lot full of potholes is a major annoyance to customers, and some may even avoid your business to safeguard their cars.

Asphalt patching can rectify your parking lot’s potholes.

Utah Weather Affects Asphalt Patching

Many motorists wonder why potholes remain unfilled for long periods of time. While it is true lack of funding might be one reason, another is that dry weather is necessary for the type of repair that will last. If you need emergency asphalt patching for potholes in the middle of winter, we can spot-fill these areas with a temporary fix, smoothing and sealing them with a roller.

Once dry weather returns, we can use a more permanent repair method, which involves properly excavating and drying the areas before filling and sealing them.

Parking Lots: Looks Count for Businesses in the Greater Salt Lake City Area

Although what’s most important about an asphalt parking lot is that it be flat and even, it would be unrealistic to assume appearance didn’t matter. Cheap patches that are lumpy and messy with bits of asphalt scattered in all directions don’t help a business’s image. While it is possible to perform DIY asphalt repair, this is best practiced with residential driveways and not commercial parking lots.

Professional asphalt contractors have the tools and skills necessary to fill potholes so that they blend in with the rest of the parking lot. Small, gas-powered asphalt rollers can be rented from home improvement stores, but the vehicles used by professionals produce the results Utah businesses are looking for.

Our high-powered asphalt cutters are invaluable with larger repair projects. When a parking lot is riddled with many holes or large cracks, it’s better to excavate a square or rectangular area to fill rather than addressing each breach individually. This method creates a longer-lasting repair, and it looks better too.

When your parking lot is riddled with potholes or large cracks, call Go Pave Utah. Our expert asphalt patching techniques will make your parking lot smooth again, and save you money.



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