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Property owners and managers may be able to save a significant amount of money if asphalt cracks and degradation are addressed before they become a more severe issue. You will not only save money if you employ a skilled asphalt care company like Go Pave Utah to maintain your asphalt, but you will also get more peace of mind as a consequence. Parking lots and asphalt surfaces in Utah are vulnerable to a variety of weather conditions, including high heat and cold, pools of water, mountains of snow, and temperature fluctuations.

Asphalt Parking Lot Maintenance Services for Ogden Businesses

The use of a professional asphalt seal coating is the most efficient technique for keeping asphalt surfaces and parking lots in good condition while avoiding costly repairs. If you run a property management company or a business facility with a significant number of parking lots and a strong traffic flow via its entrances and exits, damage prevention is critical.

The application of seal coating may cause a parking lot to be out of service for a few days; however, the operation may be completed with little disruption to traffic flow. Seal coating asphalt not only prevents damage, but it also extends the life of the asphalt, allowing you to get more use out of your money and enhancing the value of your investment.

Asphalt Repair with Crack Sealing

Pooling water is by far the most common issue in asphalt pothole repairs in parking lots, driveways, and highways. To prevent the problem from recurring, it is not enough to just remove the damaged asphalt and replace it. Pothole repair should involve the placement of a sufficient amount of new asphalt as well as a slope to divert the water problem.

We may discover that the asphalt has started to degrade in some form, such as chipping, crumbling, or cracking; this is especially common in high-traffic areas. We may apply a crack seal to the asphalt to prevent water from entering the crack and causing it to expand further. The technique of filling and sealing cracks in asphalt using a sealer that sticks to the surface and fills the crevices to prevent moisture from entering is referred to as asphalt crack sealing. When you detect chipping or crumbling, you are seeing the early stages of a pothole forming.

Parking Lot and Asphalt Paving for Ogden, UT

We approach every asphalt paving job with the goal of gaining your asphalt maintenance business as well. We are delighted to be able to build on what we have already done. Paving a parking lot demands knowledge and meticulous attention to detail, both when it is originally placed and when it is repaved. If you opt to have your asphalt poured by a seasoned asphalt paving contractor, you will end up with a high-quality parking lot, entrances, and roads. It is feasible to reduce the need for costly repairs by carefully planning for water runoff, high-traffic areas, and winter snow and ice accumulation. In the asphalt paving market, Go Pave Utah is well-known for its creative and up-to-date procedures and abilities.

Parking Lot Striping & Marking

A well-lit parking lot with clean and bright white or yellow markings is reassuring to drivers. It might be disconcerting when you arrive at a parking lot or garage for the first time and are unable to see the lines that have been painted on the asphalt or cement. It is important to pay attention not just to the lines but also to the arrows and limited parking zones. How are drivers expected to know which way traffic is moving if there are no directional indicators on the road?

It is critical that the asphalt striping be done correctly. It is necessary not only for the visual value of your home, but also for the management of traffic flow and parking lot use. The majority of paints have a pleasing look after application, but only high-quality paints will last without breaking or fading over time. For painting lines and markings on parking lots, Go Pave Utah uses the highest-quality industrial paints on the market.

Concrete Around Parking Lots & Businesses

If you take the effort to maintain and repair any damage to the commercial concrete that surrounds your business, you will save money in the long term. This will reduce the total number of repairs that are required. When it comes to the pavement, surfaces, and fittings used in commercial concrete pouring, there are several standards to follow. Drain collars, gutters, and curbing in a parking lot must be perfectly aligned in order for runoff water to be removed properly. Snowplows, automobiles colliding with curbs, and garbage trucks, to name a few probable culprits, may all cause damage to concrete surfaces. It is possible for cracks to form, and then water and ice may worsen those cracks, exacerbating the damage.

Concrete Pouring For Commercial Needs in Ogden

If you are thinking about utilizing concrete for your parking lot, you will be surprised at how many advantages this material has. Our skilled crew will deliver the best commercial concrete pouring services at the most reasonable pricing. Go Pave Utah is the authority you turn to for commercial concrete pouring for parking lots and other related flatwork. If you wish to utilize asphalt as a parking surface, you must also provide walkways, curbs, drainage, and drive approaches and exits.

Contact Go Pave Utah right now for more information on our asphalt paving and other asphalt services in the Ogden region.



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