Asphalt Seal Coating

Proper asphalt preservation can keep your Utah parking lot looking beautiful longer, and it can save you money. Investing in asphalt paving is no small matter. It’s a lot of work, even for small lots. The longer you can make your asphalt last, the less it will cost you in the long run. But what steps should you take toward asphalt preservation?

Asphalt Seal Coating by Go Pave Utah

Seal Coating Preserves Utah Asphalt

Rain, snow, sun and wear and tear from vehicles driving and parking on your lot all take their toll. But you can fight back by having a rejuvenating sealant applied to your parking lot. These types of sealants replace the elements of asphalt that wear away with time. If your parking lot has become brittle or cracked, a seal coating can help. Plus, it acts as a sort of sunblock and guards against raveling and the elements.

Different kinds of seals can also be combined with sand, scrub or chips. With these methods, a liquid is poured on the asphalt, followed by an aggregate which is then forced into the pavement. A broom or roller is then used to complete the process.

These sealants extend the life of your parking lot by 3 to 6 years. If you add multiple layers of chip sealant, it can last even longer. Seal coating is the cheapest method of asphalt preservation.

Slurry Seal for Asphalt Preservation

Another type of seal — a slurry seal — doesn’t help asphalt’s structural capacity, but it improves the look and provides added protection for 5 to 10 years, depending on the type of product you choose. The seal fills minor cracks and renders the lot more skid-resistant.

It also provides UV protection, helping to prevent fading of the surface color and heat damage, which is a major battle in Utah. The hot sun works to break down the bonds of the asphalt, contributing to cracking and raveling, so this protection is more than just cosmetic.

Good for repairing slight damage and cheaper than an entire asphalt overlay, a slurry seal can save you money.

Asphalt Sealing with Microsurfacing Can Fix Damage for Lots in the Greater Salt Lake City Area

Microsurfacing is a better choice than either the seal coating or the slurry seal if your parking lot has moderate to severe damage. It fills cracks and small holes, but it has an added component that makes it more durable than the other options. It is also ready for use more quickly — in one hour versus 24 for the other methods.

The type of asphalt preservation your Utah parking lot needs depends on the level of damage. We can help determine what method would be best and most cost-effective for your parking lot. Call Go Pave Utah today to learn more about asphalt preservation.



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