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February 15, 2024
Refresh Your Parking Lot: Post-Winter Repair Checklist for a Smart Spring Start
Spring is the ideal time to address any damage caused by winter to your parking area. Early assessment of damage is crucial, as it helps identify minor issues before they escalate into costly repairs. Usually, a checklist for post-winter repairs may ...
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December 26, 2023
Winter Asphalt Care
Roads, driveways, and parking lots bear the brunt of winter's icy grip, often succumbing to the challenges posed by plummeting temperatures and the ceaseless dance between freezing and thawing. The need for asphalt repair in winter becomes a pivotal ...
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October 26, 2023
Preserving the Foundation: The Art of Asphalt Patching and Sealing
In the intricate landscape of property maintenance, where every crack and crevice tells a story of wear and weather, asphalt surfaces play a vital role. It’s one of our specialties at Go Pave Utah. Whether it’s a sprawling parking lot welcoming v ...
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August 26, 2023
Signs Your Asphalt Driveway Needs Repair
It’s the time of year when kids are running around in the neighborhood, BBQs are in full force with friends driving over each weekend, and being outside is just the standard. A lot of time will be spent on your pavement, from firework viewing to gu ...
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February 11, 2023
Utahns are Struggling with Potholes
Living with the greatest snow on earth has it downside. Even if you love the snow, you may not love what this winter has done to our roads. In January, KSL-TV talked with Utahns about the concerning amount of potholes around the Wasatch Front. We’v ...
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