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November 11, 2023
Paving the Way: The Transformative Journey from Gravel to Asphalt
Driveways do a lot for us, bearing the weight of vehicles and footfalls while connecting homes to the world beyond. At Go Pave Utah, we can help your driveway do more for you. For many homeowners, gravel driveways have long been the go-to choice, emb ...
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October 2, 2023
Installing Driveway Aprons
A driveway apron is an important part of any pavement project, whether it’s a small entrance to a residence or a large, high-traffic entrance to your business’s parking lot. A driveway apron, also called an approach or skirt, is the section where ...
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August 10, 2023
Roads and Rails in Utah’s History
As our state began growing, roads and rails were built alongside each other. First were the walking trails, then the Pony Express and various stagecoach pathways, then came county roads and railroads. One of the first major roads built in Utah was a ...
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July 26, 2023
Major Uses of Asphalt
Asphalt is mainly used for paving roadways, but it has various other uses as well. It’s an extremely versatile product, which makes it a popular, widespread (pun intended) material. Here are some of the common sectors you’ll see the use of asphal ...
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July 21, 2023
Defining Common Asphalt Terminology – Part 2
If you’re joining this blog, you’ve likely read Part 1 of this series, which included some common terminology in the paving industry.  Let’s continue our definitions, as defined by the Micro-surfacing – A mixture of pol ...
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