Pothole Problems? We can Help!

Pothole Problems? We can Help!

Potholes are not only unsightly, they can also be a safety hazard. Potholes are usually caused by water issues, and once they start, they will allow more water to get into the sub-surface and create further damage. Potholes occur when water absorbs into or gets under the pavement then expands and contracts. Over time, the pavement gets weaker and leaves gaps behind where the pavement can collapse. With winter freezes and melts, it’s common to see potholes pop up in the springtime as everything starts to warm up and these gaps become exposed. Additionally, water runs wherever it has room, so sometimes the water that enters one pothole can run underneath and create another pothole not even close the first one. It’s crucial to repair potholes as soon as possible, and here are some reasons why:

They can damage vehicles: When someone runs over a pothole, it can cause extensive damage to their vehicle. If the pothole is on your personal property, you can be liable for the damage. From alignment issues to damage to shocks and struts, it can be costly to remedy an issue from a pothole.

Prevent further damage: It’s best to keep up on your asphalt by seal coating and repairing cracks to prevent potholes in the fist place. But they’re still bound to happen. Monitor your pavement routinely and check for these issues, and once you see a pothole forming, get it repaired quickly so it doesn’t get worse or allow more water to get under the pavement and cause more potholes or cracks.

Save on long-term costs: Because ignored potholes create more issues, not repairing them will cost you more long term. Combine traffic and other wear and tear with the allowance of more water to get through, and the damage will only get worse and worse. Then, when it’s finally bad enough that you have to take care of it, the costs will be much higher than if the small pothole was addressed quickly at the beginning.

Keep traffic flow moving: If potholes get bad enough, they’ll make it tough to get around your parking lot. Keep the flow moving nicely without people needing to swerve around a pothole or take another route to avoid hitting one.

Improve curb appeal: Often, your customers’ first impression happens when they pull into your parking lot. If your lot is full of potholes or old asphalt that hasn’t been maintained, it can be a deterrent. They might even question if you’re still in business. Keep your property looking top-notch by maintaining the parking areas and pavement.

Safety first: Potholes can be hazardous to vehicles, but they can also be hazardous to pedestrians. Potholes can become tripping hazards, which is definitely not something you want on your property. Keep you clients safer by filling in lifted areas and repairing major cracking and pothole damage whether they’re in a walking zone or not.

Go Pave Utah is your expert pothole repair team. And if you need assistance maintaining the pavement at your business, we can take care of that, too.




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