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When it comes to a concrete parking lot or pavement area for businesses, there are a lot more considerations to be prepared for. Businesses have needs for customers and employees that are not the same as a personal project at a residence, and there are many legal requirements to consider. This is why an experienced professional is a must for commercial projects. Even if your main parking lot is asphalt, you will still need concrete for areas such as curbs, sidewalks, ramps, and more.

Quality and Safety

The quality of a concrete pour begins with proper preparation of the site. A commercial job is likely going to need to be more durable than a personal job, and there is no time to shut business down for unnecessary repairs. Additionally with all the customers and employees coming on site, the pavement needs to be safe at all times. Attention to fine details is a must for overall quality and safety. Experts will know what requirements are needed to meet city codes.

Be Up to Code

Something as simple as gutters and sidewalks are actually not so simple at all. Different cities have different building codes and standards for these areas of business parking lots. Your concrete contractor must know these codes and ensure the project is following the guidelines from the dig date to the final step. Sidewalks and ramps must also follow codes, including ADA compliance with accessibility features, parking spaces, and ramp locations. These areas must be finished in a way that is aesthetically pleasing as well as in line with regulations.

Traffic Flow

Consider how the traffic needs to flow in and out of your business, from pedestrian traffic to approaches and exits. You do not want to be responsible for accidents on your property because the parking lot and walkways aren’t clear and manageable. Even after the pour is completed and perfected, your concrete team must understand the importance of proper painting and striping for directing traffic.

Appropriate Drainage

Sidewalks and gutters must be poured in a way that water doesn’t pool or freeze in the winter, causing slip-and-fall hazards. Drainage is critical to the health of the pavement but also for the protection of pedestrians. Slips and falls are common in areas that have pooling water, but even if it’s not in a potentially problematic location, it looks unsightly. Appropriate drain collars, drainage flows, and catch basins are required for managing runoff at your business location.

Don’t Forget Consistent Maintenance

Once your concrete project is completed, it’s a good idea to set up maintenance services for the property. Property maintenance companies are not all the same. You’ll want to ensure the company you’ve hired will put your needs at the top of their priority list. Many businesses ask an employee to handle property needs, such a snow shoveling or debris removal, but over time that task gets overlooked by their other assignments. A management team will not only handle on-demand tasks, but they will also look for potential problems and recommend remedies before bigger problems arise. If you’re looking for an expert to handle your commercial project from start to finish and beyond, Go Pave Utah is at the ready.






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