Choose Us for Your Commercial Concrete Project

Choose Us for Your Commercial Concrete Project

A commercial concrete pour must be flawless and that’s not just with the final product. Timeframes, potential business closures, budgetary restraints, and property maintenance all must be considered. You need a concrete company that can handle all aspects of the project with professionalism and a quick turn-around time to ensure your business stays up and running.

Factors To Consider

When narrowing down your options, there are few factors to look into to help you in your search. First, check out the company’s experience. Make sure they’ve been in business long enough to know what they’re doing, but also ask questions about the current team’s skills and training requirements. At Go Pave Utah, we’ve been in business for over 25 years and have a highly trained expert team that’s managed by the best of the best.

Another consideration is a company’s reviews and references. Talk to previous customers and see if they’re happy with their project and the way the company executed the job. Word of mouth is a great way to validate a company’s workmanship. Here at Go Pave Utah, we have a long line of happy clients, and a 5-star Google score with over 200 reviews.

Another factor that typically isn’t thought of is to ask about what equipment a company uses. Do they have old machines that are unpredictable and break down easily? Do they have smaller machines that can’t tackle a large project like you need? Do they have a crew that’s going to big enough to handle your job? These are all questions to ask up front to make sure your job gets done correctly the first time and without delays from equipment issues. Go Pave Utah is proud to offer high end equipment that is consistently maintained and a staff that is comfortable using it.

In addition to getting an estimate on costs, also get an idea of timelines. If a company takes too long to complete your job, even if the job looks good when all is said and done, that’s still money lost from needing to close your doors longer than you wanted. Make sure they can work on your timeline and that they can get the job done without too much down time. Go Pave Utah has a highly efficient crew that can tackle your job as quickly as possible.

Another unique offering Go Pave Utah has for you is that we don’t stop when the concrete is complete and ready for use. We offer maintenance and property management services to make sure your pavement is taken care of properly so that it will last a very long time. We’ll watch for potential issues or damages over the years and address them before you have major repair problems that could be costly if unchecked or ignored.

We understand the unique needs of a commercial concrete project and make sure we address every facet of the project with maximum efficiency. For all your pavement needs or questions, concrete or asphalt, reach out to us today.




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