6 Signs of Poor Property Management Services

6 Signs of Poor Property Management Services

You work hard to provide the best service to your clients. Your property management company should be treating you with the same respect. If you’ve hired or are looking to hire a parking lot management company, you’ll want to do a little research to make sure you’re well taken care of. If you’re feeling unheard or have concerns with your current service, it may be time to look elsewhere. Here are six red flags of poor management practices:

Poor Communication: Issues with communication issues is probably the biggest red flag when it comes to poor management practices. If you’re being ignored or getting the run around when you call in, you’re not getting the service you deserve. Your management team should want to hear from you and your concerns and be willing to discuss options with you any time.

Unresponsive to Concerns: Any time you voice a concern to a management company, they should hear you and address it. This one is closely connected to communication but takes it a step further by not just discussing concerns openly but also addressing them in a timely manner.

Slow Response Time: Most of the time, you’re calling your management service to address an urgent situation. If they’re response time is so late that you’ve had to address an issue yourself, they’re not doing their job. Some issues can be dealt with down the road, but if you have a concern that needs addressed quickly, your hired team should be at the ready. It won’t help to send out a snowplow to clear your parking lot two days after a storm—you need that lot cleared immediately so your employees and customers can access your business.

You Feel Your Lot is Unsafe: When you’ve hired a parking lot management service, they should be monitoring the conditions of the lot. If you see damages that are unsafe (such as uneven pavement causing tripping hazards, potholes that can cause damage to cars, or ice buildup creating a fall hazard) your management team should be addressing it quickly. Safety should be a management team’s top priority.

Regulation Noncompliance: Getting fined for noncompliance is never fun. When you’ve hired a management company, they should be watching for these concerns and addressing them so you don’t get stuck paying money for not being up to code. Even if they don’t perform the actual fix, if there is an issue with your parking lot, they should be informing you.

Refuse to Provide References: A great way to find out the quality of any business is through their references. If a company doesn’t show references on their website or they’re unwilling to share any with you, this is not generally a good sign. References not only show what people are saying but it also proves a company has previous experience and know what they’re doing.

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