Let us Manage Your Property

Let us Manage Your Property

We know business owners are busy, which is why we offer comprehensive, professional property management services. After all, time is money, and we’re here to save you time. Whether you have asphalt or concrete, we can help you keep everything maintained so your business can function optimally each day. Here are some valuable ways we can be of service when you have us maintain and manage your property.

Keep Foot and Vehicle Traffic Flowing

Whether your office welcomes customers daily or there’s only employees onsite, you need to have clear and convenient access during business hours. This goes beyond quickly shoveling off the snow on the stairs in the winter. You need someone reliable to track the storms and handle the removal before customers or employees arrive. Our team is available 24/7 and can handle de-icing around the entire property’s access points, snow plowing in the parking lot, and snow removal from walkways and other pathways leading to areas such as dumpsters and mailboxes. We also monitor your parking lot’s paint and recommend touchups whenever necessary. Keep the parking spaces distinct with clear and bright stripes and the flow moving the way you need with painted arrows or signage.

Monitor Potential Issues

Major issues in pavement often start out as minor issues that go unnoticed for too long. Our team is highly trained to watch for potential hazards, and we know how to address them quickly before the issue gets bigger and more costly. We provide services such as asphalt patching, crack repair, seal coating, concrete repairs, and more to ensure the maximum lifespan of your pavement. Pavements with potholes or drastic dips and raises will be unsafe for your customers and employees. Having us maintain your property, you can rest assured that we’re consistently assessing everything and will be on top of minor repairs, limiting the possibility of major problems. We also have all the proper tools that are well maintained, so whatever we do, you can be confident it’s done correctly.

Stress Less and Save Money and Time

A professional property management company like Go Pave Utah will save you money because we can be proactive about the needs of your pavement, walkways, and draining systems, saving you from large, expensive fixes. We save you time because we’ll take care of it for you by handling daily needs as well as as-needed maintenance. Our team addresses projects with maximum safety and reliability and during hours that work for your business. It’s common for a company to designate an employee with this task and offering them a bonus to handle the property needs, but this can be stressful to you as the employer (having to oversee that they’re actually doing it) and for the employee (they’re liable for the safety and access into the office as well as vehicle traffic). Usually this doesn’t work for long.

If you want to eliminate the tedious, yet important, task of managing and maintaining your property, give us a call and leave it to the pros. We are flexible with your work schedule and needs and can design a plan that’s best for you.




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