Asphalt Damage Causes and Prevention Methods, Part 2

asphalt damage causes prevention

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the common causes of asphalt damage and how these can be limited or prevented. Asphalt is a strong, durable surface, but it can be damaged by a few different sources if it isn’t protected in the right ways.

At Renaissance Asphalt Services, we’re here to provide a wide range of asphalt services to all our clients, including asphalt repair for those whose asphalt surfaces have undergone damage or wear-and-tear of any kind. We’ve also assisted numerous clients with preventing future damage after repairs. In today’s part two of our series, we’ll go over a few additional potential damage sources, plus how to limit their risks.

Oil and Fuel

Whether from parked vehicles with leaks, frequent oil changes in the area or any other source, fuel and oil that seep into your asphalt surfaces can quickly lead to deterioration. Over enough time, this fuel or oil will begin to penetrate the interior of the asphalt, breaking up its aggregates and leading to crumbling that takes place in the area.

If you do not call our team for repairs at this point, the surface will continue to deteriorate until the asphalt itself softens. Each passing day in this circumstance makes your repairs tougher and more expensive. Oil and fuel leak risks should be avoided, for one, but any such spills that already exist should be addressed quickly.

Tree Roots

Another potential threat to asphalt surfaces is tree roots located too near to these areas. Tree roots are in a constant search for water, with the ability to extend themselves up to 75 feet away from the tree’s trunk in some cases – and they may invade or crack your asphalt during this expansion. Water access may be restricted by asphalt or other paved surfaces above them, so this should be a major consideration anytime you call our team for new asphalt paving in areas of your property that contain trees.

Earth Settlement

Due to a combination of moisture and other natural concerns, the soil and earth under your asphalt may shift and settle over a period of time. This may cause certain parts of the asphalt to be strained or even cracked, which in turn opens it up to oxidation and other related risks. It’s important for asphalt paving installers to consider the soil beneath the surface in addition to the actual asphalt, something we’re always on top of.

Installation Concerns

There are other possible concerns if your asphalt paving company did not do a great job, part of the reason it’s so important to work with reputable asphalt professionals like ours. Some may bring you a weak asphalt mixture, for instance, while others could be inexperienced with asphalt layering or spreading, causing uneven surfaces to be laid on your property that lead to a much higher risk of cracking and other damage.

For more on identifying and preventing potential causes of asphalt damage, or to learn about any of our asphalt paving, striping or repair services, speak to the staff at Renaissance Asphalt Services today.




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