Asphalt Damage Causes and Prevention Methods, Part 1

asphalt damage causes prevention

At Renaissance Asphalt Services, the protection and maintenance of your asphalt surfaces is one of our primary goals. Through services ranging from asphalt seal coating to asphalt repair, asphalt patching and asphalt maintenance, we’ll ensure asphalt surfaces ranging from smaller spaces to large lots are in great condition and protected from various threats.

What kinds of threats are we referring to here, precisely? Well, there are a few. While asphalt is an incredibly strong and durable material, just a few bits of attention and the ability to limit certain minor risks will go a long way toward keeping your asphalt in great shape for many years. This two-part blog will go over all the potential sources of asphalt damage out there, plus how you and our team of asphalt professionals can ensure these do not impact your asphalt surfaces.

Water and Moisture

When we talk about water on your asphalt, the major risk we’re referring to is standing water. Water that’s allowed to sit on asphalt for extended periods may seep its way into the base layer of the asphalt, creating surface wear, causing cracks and leading to pothole formation in many cases.

This is why two areas are very important during asphalt installation, each of which we’ll go over in detail for you when paving new asphalt: Sloping and sealing. For starters, all asphalt surfaces should have minor slopes that direct standing water away and toward grassy or soil areas. In addition, new asphalt surfaces should be sealed and coated with material meant to stop moisture and other potential risky elements from seeping into its deeper areas.

UV Rays

Another area that demonstrates the value of seal coating is UV rays, which can damage asphalt and cause it to wear down much faster than normal. If your surfaces are properly seal-coated every three to five years, however, this will never be a concern.

Heavy Traffic

Weight is another significant factor to be aware of for asphalt surfaces, and extremely heavy traffic like trucks or haulers may wear down asphalt faster than normal vehicles. Rutting and deterioration along truck or heavy vehicle wheel paths are possible, especially when these vehicles drive slowly or stop on the surface.

Managing these risks comes down to both proper installation and general use themes. Speak to our team about tips for limiting heavy traffic and ensuring your asphalt is durable enough to withstand traffic needs on your surfaces.


When it oxidizes, asphalt breaks down and becomes more rigid and less flexible. This makes the likelihood of cracks and other forms of damage far more likely, especially when heavy vehicles use the surface often. Speak to our team about seal coating and other methods to prevent oxidation.

For more on limiting damage risks on your asphalt surfaces, or to learn about any of our asphalt paving, patching or maintenance services, speak to the staff at Renaissance Asphalt Services today.




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