Seal Coating and Crack Seal

sealcoat squeegee

Hot pour crack sealing will prevent the deterioration of the sub-base pavement from infiltration of water(ice/rain/snow) and debris. The thorough cleaning of affected areas and the application of crack sealant will prevent further erosion of the surface and damage to the structural support of the pavement. Crack sealing material is designed to expand and shrink allowing for year-round performance. By sealing cracks early you can extend the life of your pavement considerably and prevent more costly repairs.

Seal Coating protects the asphalt pavement surface from sun oxidation, moisture penetration and the loss of surface binders that hold your asphalt pavement together. Seal Coating is critical to extending the life of your asphalt and can save you thousands of dollars in repairs. Seal Coating enhances the appearance of the asphalt and seals out UV exposure. Seal Coating is a high performance, mineral reinforced asphalt emulsion blended with polymers and special water repelling agents for superior adhesion, flexibility and durability. Seal coating substantially reduces maintenance costs and can extend the life of asphalt pavement significantly.



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