Your Stress-Free Closure Plan for Parking Lot Work

Your Stress-Free Closure Plan for Parking Lot Work by Go Pave Utah

Businesses often put off parking lot work because of the hassle of closures and interruptions. We know it can be frustrating for employees and customers to park elsewhere while work is being done, plus they’ll also be met with loud noise and debris. But parking lot maintenance is important for the longevity of your pavement, and interruptions should be minimal if you are well prepared before the work even begins. It is worth some minor, temporary inconvenience to create a safe, smooth parking lot. Here are some ways to lessen the frustration during the project.

  1. Get an assessment and estimate – Before you commit to any work, have a professional come out and assess your lot and provide an estimate. Your lot may have some repair needs before paving can occur. Go Pave Utah will be honest about your needs and won’t up-sale you on unnecessary repairs.
  2. Inform tenants, employees, and customer – Hang up signage several days before parking lot work to inform everyone of the upcoming project while also providing alternative parking information. Consider also sending an email to employees and your customer contact list as well as posting to your social media pages. Provide optional parking areas if possible and be clear about closures or temporary modified business hours. The more informed everyone is, the less they will be frustrated. Some businesses offer coupons or incentives to customers to thank them for their patience.
  3. Prepare your pavement – Paving work can’t begin until the pavement is totally dry. Make sure sprinklers have been shut off and won’t turn back on until after everything is completed. Remove large items, parked vehicles, debris, garbage cans, or anything else that is in the way.
  4. For large lots, consider working in sections – If you have a lot with multiple entrances and exits, it’s a good idea to do the work in sections. This minimizes the impact on traffic and keeps business flowing. It may take a little longer to complete, but it’s often the most operative approach.
  5. Pave when your business is closed – Many paving companies will work on parking lots after regular hours to minimize impact. If this isn’t possible, choose the slowest days of the week to perform the work. Because newly paved lots will need more than 24 hours before vehicle traffic is allowed, the timing is important. Being proactive and scheduling out the work in advance will be far less impactful than an emergency situation that was put off too long.
  6. Get on a maintenance plan – Once you’ve paved the lot and completed the work, it’s a good idea to schedule regular maintenance. It’s always better to address repairs before they get too big, from a financial standpoint as well as convenience.

If your parking lot is in need of repaving or you’re ready to start fresh, only trust a professional with experience in our Utah climate. Parking lot work does not have to be frustrating when there is a good plan in place and a knowledgeable team to execute the work.




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