Winter Care for Asphalt

Winter Care for Asphalt

Snowfall in Utah can be very heavy and wet. Because asphalt is naturally porous, the snow that melts will be absorbed into the asphalt. In the winter, this can freeze and expand which then causes cracking or other problems. Once cracking starts, more water can be absorbed, meaning—yep, you guessed it—more cracking. Good sealcoating definitely helps, but you’ll want to be mindful of some other ways to protect your asphalt during the harsh winter months.

Watch for Signs of Deterioration

If you see cracking or small holes forming, take care of those immediately by reaching out to Go Pave Utah to fill in those areas. Failure spots on asphalt can be a sign of poor maintenance or there could be a bigger structural problem. Small holes will not go away without appropriate fixes, eventually turning into a big pothole, which is unsightly and dangerous. Sealing cracks is a necessary maintenance item for asphalt and can be done quickly with the right expertise. If you see any of these signs, call Go Pave Utah today for easier proactive care rather that a big reactive repair.

Don’t Use Metal Shovels

While you’re shoveling this winter, try to avoid metal shovels because they are damaging to asphalt. A plastic shovel is a much better choice for asphalt pavements, even if they don’t last quite as long as a heavy-duty metal one. You want to be sure you shovel early in the snowfall process. Snow that sits for too long can become ice or can melt excessively into the asphalt base. When shoveling an asphalt path, be sure to hold the shovel at a shallow angle and don’t dig into the driveway in an attempt to break up snow and ice chunks. Over time, this digging will break down the structural strength of the asphalt.

Minimize the Use of De-icer

Utah has lots of salt; therefore, rock salt is commonly used here to de-ice pavements. However, for asphalt driveways or parking lots, rock salt should be avoided at all costs. If a de-icer is truly needed, opt for magnesium chloride or calcium magnesium acetate products which are safer alternatives. They’re also more effective in below-freezing temperatures than rock salt.

Consider Hiring a Snow Blowing Service

Because asphalt requires quick snow removal due to its porous nature, consider hiring a reliable company that can maintain your asphalt pathways effectively. A professional service will know how to take care of plowing the pathway(s) correctly to maintain the asphalt’s integrity and lifespan. You may be tempted to give the teen in your neighborhood a little job for some extra spending money, but for asphalt, it’s much wiser to ensure the snow removal service is knowledgeable in the needs of asphalt. Go Pave Utah not only installs asphalt, but we also offer snow removal services because we understand the unique requirements of asphalt maintenance.

Any time of year, Go Pave Utah is ready to help you with all your asphalt needs from install to maintenance to repair. Give us a call today with any questions you may have.




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