The Future of Asphalt

The Future of Asphalt

About ten years ago, Asphalt Contractor Magazine asked experts in the asphalt industry what their predictions were for the future of asphalt. Fast forward to today and many of their outlooks have come to fruition. Most of their concerns at that time dealt with asphalt mix quality, industry cost reductions, and evolving energy demands. Although these are still important priorities, today’s top concerns from industry experts are concerned with sustainability, efficiency, and technology.


The topic of sustainability will be around for a long time, and the asphalt industry’s success relies heavily on how quickly it can adapt to new regulations and in what ways. Asphalt’s recyclable nature means it’s already a step in the right direction, but to address the concern of sustainable practices for the future of asphalt, the industry needs to work on further reduction of our carbon footprint. This can be done in part by increasing the use of reclaimed asphalt pavements through implementing more recycled content into asphalt mixes. A more sustainable mix is predicted to become the norm for most projects in the future.


Recycled, greener mixes are just one part of a more sustainable industry practice. Future systems will also include the adaptation of more efficient practices at the plant. Fuel usage is one example, and switching to a fuel that is beneficial both economically and environmentally will need to be a priority. Considerations for solar powered asphalt plants or other alternative fuels are going to get more and more active, especially as stricter regulations continue to be implemented and enforced. Experts predict a shift from traditional energy sources to alternative sources, and some plants are already outlining steps to reduce their consumption.


Technology concerns for the future involve equipment as well as staffing. Asphalt companies must learn to adapt to the next generation of workers that have been raised on technology. In addition, new machinery and equipment will be more technologically advanced, so asphalt operators will need to gain more technological skills. With the ever-evolving technological atmosphere that is prevalent today, companies must be adaptable to these changes and promote training to ensure their staff is ready and skilled. Systems will need to be more data-driven and user-friendly to meet the growing demands of the future. Equipment will likely become more computer than machine, and operators will need to know how to manage the upgrades. Remote capabilities will allow operators more control over different locations. Industry experts say training on these constantly updating processes will be critical to the effectiveness of asphalt businesses.

Preparation for these future concerns begins now. And knowing what to watch for is half the battle. At Go Pave Utah, we pride ourselves on remaining current and keeping up on new developments in our industry. Our passion lies in asphalt, which is why we deliver such a stellar product. We’ll continue to find ways to perfect not only our product, but also our involvement in the industry for today’s demands and the future’s.




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