Recruiting New Workers for Tomorrow

As Utah continues to grow rapidly, the need for workers within the construction industry continues to rise. Employers are seeing a significant need for new employees to meet increasing demands and new challenges throughout our community. It can be difficult to not only find good employees and hire them, but also to get them trained appropriately and keep them on the books.

What’s Attractive to Workers

Studies are showing that pay rate isn’t the main consideration younger generations are looking for in a job. Basic wages certainly have a lot to do with it, but in today’s world there is a lot more to it. Employers are finding that opportunities for advancement is one huge motivating factor for people looking for work. People want to know that they are valued, that they have the chance to move up in the organization, and that their hard work is recognized. When possible, it’s a good idea to try and promote within your organization to show that you value employees putting in solid effort. Additionally, managers who start out at entry-level positions usually tend to be better managers and leaders because they understand every facet of the job. A lot of advancement opportunities simply comes down to proper training and mindset. In a growth culture that focuses on training and teaching, employees are continually stimulated and challenged, creating a purposeful role that encourages employees to perform their best. Investing in training will always pay off—it shows commitment to a safer work environment, a desire to further personal and professional growth, and an interest in the longevity of an employee’s career (all in addition to creating a good reputation for the company).

Another attractive factor for new recruits is flexibility of their schedule. When an employee knows that their personal life is important to a company, they are more willing to give their best at work because they are confident their personal needs are a priority to their management team. Morale is connected heavily to work ethic, directly effecting the final product of whatever your company does. If employees aren’t happy, they’re not likely to do a great job. Showing employees that their time is also important goes a long way with today’s new workforce entering the field.

Benefits and retirement packages are also important to new employees. The security of knowing their health needs are covered and their long-term well-being is taken care of is a big bonus. Even smaller companies can offer a basic benefit package that includes a 401k option, health benefits for the employee and their families, and some sort of paid time-off benefits.

Our Happy Employees

At Go Pave Utah, we are proud supporters of our employees and work hard to provide them with the best training and work environment possible. Because of our attention to each staff member, our employees are happy to come in and put in an honest day’s work. This translates to amazing service, impeccable quality, and unmatched skillfulness. You can trust that we provide the same level of attention to our customers as we do our staff members.




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