Why Your Asphalt Needs TLC

Why Your Asphalt Needs TLC

Asphalt pavements are durable and sustainable, but they are still affected by environmental factors and daily wear and tear. This means they require some basic maintenance throughout the years. Over time, you’ll start to see cracks or fractures in the asphalt, or sometimes worse damages such as potholes or lifting. Temperature fluctuations, water absorption, weight stress from vehicles, and soil compaction can all affect the longevity of an asphalt pavement. There are many reasons to maintain and repair asphalt aside from just having it look good.

Saves Money

A little money invested each year into maintenance will end up saving a lot of money in the long run. Deep holes or large cracks will be more expensive to fix, sometimes even resulting in a redo of the entire pavement if damage is extensive enough. Limit the stress of a major repair, and budget for some consistent maintenance to avoid a costly, unavoidable emergency.

Safety Concerns

Asphalt with many issues can pose a safety hazard for people and traffic. An uneven pavement creates potential for injuries from trips and falls, large potholes can cause damage to vehicles that a business could be liable for, and cracks let in unwanted moisture that will further damage asphalt. Proper care and maintenance will ensure a smooth pavement that is safe for vehicles and pedestrians. Maintenance is especially important in regard to safety at business locations, because that business can be held responsible for an accident or injury.

Long Lasting

Extend the lifespan of your asphalt by protecting and preserving it correctly. Fix minor issues right away and seal coat after the pour as well as regularly to make sure it repels moisture the way it needs to. These actions will create a pavement that will be able to hold up to whatever you ask of it. Asphalt can last a very long time if it’s maintained appropriately.

Minimize Disruption

Scheduled maintenance is less disruptive than an emergency repair. You can schedule crews to come out at times that are convenient to you and your business hours. Keep your business up and running with only minor impacts rather than a full, unplanned shutdown. You can also notify your employees and customers of upcoming maintenance so they are able to plan accordingly as well.

Looks Nice

A business with a rundown parking lot can damage their reputation and simply looks bad. A clean, smooth pavement is inviting and attractive, welcoming your clients and customers to your location. Boost the value of your home or the overall aesthetic of your business location with a well-maintained asphalt pavement. This includes asphalt striping as well. There’s just something extra satisfying about clear, bright lines on a smooth, black pavement.

Whether you have an asphalt driveway at home or you have an extensive parking lot at a business location, Go Pave Utah is the Wasatch Front’s expert at installing, maintaining, and repairing asphalt. Every job we take is treated with equal importance, no matter how small or big. We offer maintenance services to ensure you are never stuck with a massive, expensive emergency.




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