Utahns are Struggling with Potholes

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Living with the greatest snow on earth has it downside. Even if you love the snow, you may not love what this winter has done to our roads. In January, KSL-TV talked with Utahns about the concerning amount of potholes around the Wasatch Front. We’ve seen a lot of storms this winter, bringing us an incredible amount of snow. Our snowpack levels are all well above normal right now. Along with this, we’ve seen an abundance of potholes in our roadways and parking lots. KSL interviewed South Jordan’s public information officer, who said: “There have been a lot of storms this year. Some are some of the biggest storms we've had in a while, so that just magnifies the impact of everything that's happening to our roads."

Causes of Potholes

The excessive potholes we’re seeing this winter are formed from the abundance of melting snow that seeps through the cracks in the pavement and refreezes. When this ice forms underneath the surface, it pushes the pavement up. Our snow this year has been heavy and wet, which is great for our water needs, but damaging to our many asphalt roads. The melting and refreezing process breaks the pavement even more. Add the impact of the many snowplows on these roads mixed with steady traffic and the problem gets worse, dislodging the pieces of asphalt and making the holes bigger. As more storms roll in quickly without the proper time to fix these areas, the holes fill with more snow and the cycle continues.

Motorists around Utah get frustrated with these potholes sitting for long periods, but there are several reasons for this. One may be lack of funding, but another is the need for dry weather in order to perform a lasting repair. In congested areas, it’s also difficult to close roads down for appropriate repairs. Temporary, short-lived fixes are often required with a quick spot-fill, smoothing, and sealing. Once dry weather arrives and road closures can be made for an appropriate time, a permanent, long-term fix can be done.

Repairing Potholes

Our crews are typically busy in the winter repairing potholes, but this winter has been exceptionally challenging. As we welcome the water, we also need to tolerate the toll it takes. Asphalt patching can be a great solution for potholes, from small to extensive. City officials will handle potholes on city streets, and if you see a pothole that is dangerous on a city road, you can report it to your city’s public officer. Their job is to keep city streets as safe as possible and will be sure prioritize fixing necessary issues. But for your parking lot or driveway, you may be on your own in finding a fix. Go Pave Utah is Utah’s expert source for pothole repairs and we understand the need to get these holes fixed quickly. The faster repairs are made, the less damage you will see. Contact us to ensure your pavement is safe and pothole free for the rest of this harsh winter.





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