Should You Seal Coat Your Driveway?

Should You Seal Coat Your Driveway?

If you have an asphalt driveway, it’s probably important to you to protect it so that it not only looks great but also lasts as long as possible. Asphalt is a durable material, but you’ll want to maintain it properly for maximum results. Seal coating your driveway is a great way to take care of your asphalt and give it the best chance to stay functional and strong for many years to come.

You have a few options when it comes to sealing your asphalt driveway. There are oil-based sealers, coal tar sealers, acrylic sealers, and slurry sealers. We also offer a microsurfacing option that can repair in addition to protect. The sealer for your job will depend on the current damage of the driveway and the priorities of the homeowner. W

e can advise which options we feel are best for your specific needs and uses of the driveway. You may be asking if you really need to seal your driveway, and the short answer is a definite yes.

Three Benefits to Seal Coating

There are many benefits to seal coating your driveway. The first, and possibly most crucial, is for protection. Asphalt in Utah is exposed to pretty much every element Mother Nature can throw at it. Any water that contacts the pavement can damage the asphalt over time and will create cracks and potholes. The sun’s UV rays can deteriorate the surface of asphalt, and chemicals from oil, gas, and paints can eat through the pavement’s surface. By adding a layer of protection to your driveway, you can extend its lifespan by several years and minimize repairs.

For many people, the financial savings of seal coating are appealing. Repairs are typical (and to be expected) for asphalt pavements, but with seal coating, those repairs are not as big of a problem or happen as often. With a protective barrier you minimize the cracking possibilities and the amount of work needed to maintain your driveway. Replacing a driveway is costly and time consuming. It’s far more cost effective to seal it properly, possibly annually, rather than deal with big issues caused by no protective barrier. If you have moderate damage already but not enough that a full replacement is needed, you may benefit from microsurfacing which fills cracks and holes and adds protection as well, making it a quick and durable fix.

Another reason to seal coat is simply for the looks. Your driveway is the pathway to your home and should be appealing and welcoming. If you have stains or discoloring, seal coating will immediately get rid of those eyesores and renew the look of the entire exterior. Improve the curb appeal of your home with a beautiful seal coating that looks polished and clean.

Our sealants replace the elements of asphalt that wear away over time. Add years to your driveway’s life with a professional seal coating job from our skilled team, and make your pavement look beautiful again by adding a shiny protective surface.




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