Do You Need Snow Plowing & Snow Removal Services for Your Parking Lot?

Do You Need Snow Plowing and Snow Removal Services for Your Parking Lot?

Go Pave Utah understands the importance of servicing our customers' demands year-round. Our winter services include snow plowing, de-icing, walk teams, and pothole repair. Our workforce is available seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. We will collaborate with you to create the safest, most convenient, and most cost-effective strategy imaginable. Go Pave Utah is proud of the quality of our work and aims to exceed our customers' expectations.

Snow Plowing for Your Business

Ensuring business continuity during the winter months demands effective snow plowing strategies, especially for those businesses with parking lots. Accumulated snow can hinder customer access and pose safety risks, highlighting the need for a well-considered snow removal plan. Key to this plan is the establishment of a consistent snow clearing schedule. This schedule should consider the frequency of snowfall, anticipated accumulation, and the hours of operation that will affect both customers and employees.

A careful selection of snow removal equipment and services is crucial and should align with the specific needs of different parking lot sizes. For smaller lots, a simple setup consisting of hand shovels, walk-behind snowblowers, or a light-duty plow may suffice. In contrast, larger lots may require the services of professional snow removal companies equipped with heavy-duty plows, salt spreaders, and front-end loaders. The goal is to maintain a clear, navigable parking area, even during peak snow events, ensuring the seamless operation of the business without compromising safety or access.

Clearing Walkways, Pathways, and Deicing

Clear and safe walkways are a critical component of workplace safety during the winter. Snow clearing in these areas is non-negotiable as it significantly reduces the risk of slips, trips, and falls, which are among the most common workplace injuries. Employers have a responsibility to mitigate these risks by ensuring that all walkways are properly cleared of snow and ice.

Timeliness is essential—the sooner snow and ice can be removed following a snowfall, the lower the risk of ice formation and potential accidents. Incorporating the use of deicing agents such as rock salt or more environmentally friendly alternatives helps to expedite this process and keep surfaces clear for longer durations. It's also important to establish a routine for checking and treating walkways throughout the day, as foot traffic and fluctuating temperatures can lead to the refreezing of melted snow.

Integrating walkway snow clearing into a winter maintenance protocol ensures that the task is never overlooked. This should detail the steps to be taken before, during, and after a snow event, including pre-treating walkways with deicing chemicals, the frequency of snow removal rounds, and post-clearing procedures to maintain traction. Through careful planning and execution of these best practices, businesses can create a winter environment that prioritizes the well-being of their staff and visitors.

If you need Snow Plowing and Snow Removal services for your parking lot and walkways and want it done by a professional company, give Go Pave Utah a call today!




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