Best Parking Lot Designs for 2018

best parking lot designs 2018

Poor parking lot designs leave drivers irritated, which can result in a loss of sales. Avoid this problem by maximizing your space to alleviate congestion.

Mathematicians and engineers have done the work to find the right and wrong ways to design a parking lot. In fact, by following some of their tips, you could improve the efficiency of your parking lot by as much as 23 percent.

Diagonal Layouts are Key

The first element of a good parking lot is diagonal spaces. Spaces angled at 45 degrees are easier to enter and exit. A space with 90 degrees requires a larger turning radius, which means you’ll have to leave more aisle space.

If 45 degrees doesn’t fit in well with your layout, at least consider angling the parking spaces at 60 degrees. Orientations of 45 to 60 degrees are more effective than 90-degree spots.

One-Way Lanes

Another tip is to have one-way lanes. This allows you to increase the number of aisles in the parking lot.

Instead of having room for two cars to pass through, you can cut that space in half and add another aisle. This is also a valuable way to decrease congestion. Cars are able to move in their aisle easier and are less likely to get in accidents.

However, it’s important to note that with standard, 90-degree parking spaces, one-way lanes are ineffective. Not only is it difficult to know which way to go, but also more space is needed for a car to back out of a spot.

Avoid Wasted Space

Corners at odd angles are often lost areas. However, even if the area is small, it can still be utilized. This is a great place to put parking stalls for motorcycles, bikes, mopeds, smart cars and other vehicles of unconventional sizes.

There are computer programs that can help you maximize all your space, even the areas you think are unusable.

Customizable Parking Lot Designs for You

While a good parking lot rarely gets noticed, a bad one can have a damaging effect on your business. Help your customers be more efficient and productive by giving them a parking lot that does the same.

Partner with us and learn how it feels to have a team you can rely on. We’ll help you with all the steps from design and implementation to maintenance and repair. Contact us to learn how to start planning your ideal parking lot today!




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