Asphalt Repair Signals

Asphalt Repair Signals

Add asphalt assessing to your list of things to do each year for property maintenance. Or better, add “hire Go Pave Utah” to that checklist so it gets done for you, accurately and efficiently. Asphalt is a durable pavement that can continuously be reused and replaced, making it a green option for businesses and homeowners alike. Proper maintenance of asphalt will keep it smooth and bump free for years to come. Sometimes drainage problems do occur creating issues in the pavement. With quick response time and professional applications, asphalt can be promptly and easily repaired.

Common Issues

One common issue is when asphalt begins to crack in a web-like manner. These are usually shallow cracks, but they can travel across the pavement rather quickly. It Utah, the harsh weather and radical temperature changes take their toll on asphalt pavements. Parking lots and areas with high traffic often fall victim to these damages. Renaissance Asphalt responds appropriately to crack repair needs, offering professional crack sealing services to the entire Wasatch Front. Sometimes improper pouring is the culprit of cracking, but lack of proper maintenance (even on properly poured asphalt) is typically what we see. If you see cracks forming, call us right away.

Drainage issues are never good, and you can tell if there is a problem if you see pools of water forming on areas of your asphalt. Over time, this sitting water will start to break down the binding agents in the asphalt, causing cracks, potholes, and other damages that can be even more extensive. Next time it rains, look at your parking lot or driveway afterward and see if there are areas where standing water remains a bit too long for comfort. This is another issue you will want Renaissance to check out as soon as possible. Too much water getting underneath your asphalt will degrade the pavement, causing you to have to repair much more of it or replace the whole area before it was necessary.

Another issue that’s common with asphalt pavement is buckling or waving patches. This is usually because of heavy use or possibly a bad base layer. Asphalt needs a firm foundation, and without one, waving is common. Waving can potentially mean a large-scale repair, but sometimes it can be resolved by simply putting down a new layer of asphalt on the top. Go Pave Utah's experts will know just how to tackle this problem if you see buckling or waving forming. Don’t let this get worse, get a hold of us as soon as you notice it.

Before the snow hits, make sure you do a thorough assessment of your asphalt areas. Now is a great time to have us come out because there’s plenty of time for the necessary repairs to take place while temperatures are still good. We’re a local family-owned business that has been around since 1996. Our entire expert team has a solid understanding of Utah’s weather and how it impacts asphalt pavements. We consistently exceed expectations and always complete jobs with pride and excellent customer satisfaction.




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