When Should You Repave Your Asphalt?

repave your asphalt

Making the decision to repave your asphalt can be difficult, especially if you don’t know what you are looking for.

Asphalt is one of the best pavement options because it can be repaired easily, time and time again. However, there comes a point when it becomes less effective to repair your asphalt instead of replace it.

Here are some signs that it’s time to repave your asphalt altogether.

1. Large Pools of Water

If installed correctly your asphalt will redirect water to the sides. Not only does this help the cars passing above but it also protects the pavement in the long run as well.

Unfortunately, a sign that your asphalt is wearing out is improper draining of water. This isn’t the same as having one pothole; that can be repaired easily enough.

Instead, this issue refers to when there are large piles of standing water on your pavement. This is reflective of a larger problem that isn’t as easily fixed.

2. Spider or Alligator Cracks

It’s normal to get cracks on your pavement every now and again. Simple cracks can be repaired with a tar-like mixture.

However, when you have cracks that look like spider webs or alligator scales it’s time to replace the pavement. This is a problem because the cracks divide your pavement into dozens of small pieces. When tires run over them, the fractions will push against each other and crumble even more.

The result of this is crumbling pavement that gets washed away with the every rain storm.

3. Holes or Missing Pieces

If you don’t replace your pavement during the alligator cracks phase it will continue to deteriorate and worsen. As a result, your pavement will start to show holes or missing pieces.

Not only is this unattractive but it can be dangerous for cars as well. It’s better to replace your pavement while it has alligator cracks than wait for it to develop holes.

4. Faded Color

The last sign can be difficult to diagnose, especially if you use a sealing coat on top of your pavement every couple of years.

When your asphalt’s color starts to fade significantly that’s a sign it is reaching the end of its life span. The fading color is a result of UV light. Over time this light damages and weakens the pavement. Look into replacing your asphalt if the color has changed from black to grey.

Call Us to Repave Your Asphalt

If any of these signs have started showing up on your asphalt it’s time to think about replacing it. Replacing it once the damages have started will help you avoid the struggles that come with potholes, poor drainage and unequal levels.

When it’s time to repave your asphalt our team at Go Pave Utah is the best option. Call us today to schedule an appointment.




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