Types of Bioprocess Oils for Asphalt Sealcoating

Types of Bioprocess Oils for Asphalt Sealcoating

There is a growing trend in the asphalt sealcoating industry towards the use of bio-process oils, which offer both environmental advantages and improved performance. These oils have the advantage of being biodegradable, renewable, fire-resistant, and compliant with EPA and ISO 14000 standards, making them a great option for sustainable asphalt maintenance. 

Vegetable-Based Oils

Plant-based oils, like soybean oil, sunflower oil, and canola oil, come from sustainable plant sources. These products are environmentally friendly and offer great lubrication, making them a perfect choice for asphalt sealcoating. These oils are environmentally friendly and meet EPA and ISO 14000 standards, ensuring they do not pose any significant environmental hazards.

Animal Fat-Based Oils

These oils, derived from animal fats, are a renewable resource commonly used in asphalt sealcoating. Some examples are tallow and lard oils, which are derived from the meat processing industry. These oils have the advantage of being biodegradable and offering excellent water resistance and binding properties when used in asphalt applications.

Synthetic Ester Oils

Synthetic ester oils are produced by combining fatty acids and alcohols through a process called esterification. They provide exceptional performance when it comes to maintaining stable temperatures, being environmentally friendly, and offering fire protection. These oils are commonly chosen for high-performance sealcoating applications because of their reliable quality and adherence to environmental regulations.

Polyglycol-Based Oils

Polyglycol oils are synthetic oils that provide excellent lubrication and thermal stability. They are biodegradable and offer fire-resistant properties, making them suitable for various industrial applications, including asphalt sealcoating. These oils are engineered to meet stringent environmental standards, ensuring compliance with EPA and ISO 14000.

Asphalt Sealcoating Compliance and Environmental Benefits

All the bio-process oils mentioned above are specifically formulated to be environmentally friendly and comply with the strict standards set by regulatory bodies like the EPA and ISO 14000. These standards prioritize minimizing environmental impact, promoting sustainability, and encouraging the use of renewable resources. Bio-process oils provide a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for asphalt sealcoating, while also delivering high-performance results. Businesses and property managers can improve the durability and safety of their asphalt surfaces by contacting Go Pave Utah for a hassle free consultation and quote.




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