Summer Asphalt Maintenance Themes and Tips, Part 1

summer asphalt maintenance tips

In a state like Utah, different seasons of the year offer varying conditions for your asphalt surfaces. While the winter period comes with significant snow and ice risks you must take proper steps to protect your surfaces from, summer includes more of a focus on the heavy heat of the Utah sun, plus additional water needs from areas like sprinklers and irrigation systems.

At Renaissance Asphalt Services, we’re here to provide a wide variety of asphalt paving and maintenance solutions, including asphalt repair and upkeep that will assist with keeping your surfaces protected no matter which season it is. In this two-part blog, we’ll go over several summer asphalt maintenance themes to keep in mind on your property, from those you can perform easily enough on your own to areas where you might require some assistance from our team.

General Inspection

First and foremost, take the time at least once or twice this summer to inspect your asphalt surfaces. Look for signs of damage like cracks, breaks, bumps, bubbles or full-on potholes, plus document such issues through pictures or a basic list. For extremely minor issues, you can use this documentation to check back on the issue in a few days and see if it’s worsened.

If you lack the time or are unsure of your ability to spot asphalt issues, our team is happy to perform a seasonal inspection for you. We’ll check for any minor asphalt issues plus perform basic upkeep to keep your surface protected.

Basic Cleaning

Next, it’s time to perform a basic cleaning of the entire asphalt surface area, particularly any spots that have debris, dirt, oil leaks or any other issues taking place. All these concerns may seem minor in the moment, but they often worsen with time and lead to cracks and other major problems – cleaning, however, limits these risks.

How you clean will depend on how you use the surface and where it is. You’ll generally want to begin by sweeping away all debris, plus then may include areas like scrubbing, power-washing or certain approved chemicals designed to keep your asphalt safe. Once again, our pros are happy to provide expertise and assistance here as needed.

Cracks and Holes

Summer is an ideal time of year to repair any cracks or holes present in your asphalt. This is true not only because summer is free of snow or other blockers that make this sort of work more difficult, but also because moisture is still a risk during this time of year – and the sooner you cover up any gaps or holes, the lower your risk is of moisture seeping into your surfaces and causing issues. Speak to our team about an appointment for basic asphalt repair if you have significant cracks or holes.

For more on summer maintenance themes for asphalt surfaces, or to learn about any of our asphalt paving, striping or repair services, speak to the staff at Renaissance Asphalt Services today.




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