Part 2 - What to Choose: Concrete or Asphalt?

What to Choose: Concrete or Asphalt?

In Part 2 of this series, we discuss how to decide between asphalt or concrete for your property. Go Pave Utah is here for your specific needs. Here are some more considerations:

Immediacy of Usage

Sometimes we run into a situation where we need a parking lot or driveway right away. If you need an up-and-running pavement immediately, you will need to go with asphalt. Within a couple days, asphalt is ready to drive on with no issues. Concrete takes a week or more to fully cure before you can place anything heavy on it. If your location has heavy traffic or requires consistent public parking, asphalt may be more feasible for the space.


Where you live impacts the material you choose. If you’re in St. George, your needs will be far different from someone living in Huntsville. Snow, freezing temperatures, beating sun, and heavy rains all impact the material you choose to pour. Utah’s climate is very tricky—we have hot, sweltering summers and freezing, wet winters. Talk to our professional team about your concerns. We’re a Utah-born company with loads of experience, and we know how to work with Utah’s tricky weather patterns.

Aesthetic Needs

If we’re being honest, the look is probably what you’re really after. No matter the price or maintenance needs, you ultimately want your property to look good. Both asphalt and concrete look great, but it can make a difference depending on your property. Consider the style of your home when you’re deciding on a driveway, but also the neighborhood vibe. If everyone in the neighborhood has concrete, you may want to opt for the same style for a seamless fit. If you want to stand out with something different, that’s great too, just make sure it’s tactful and still looks clean and purposeful. You may want to consider the potential resale value of your property, too, and make sure whatever you pour matches the aesthetic of your home structure. Both asphalt and concrete can work well, it just depends on the style you’re going for. Asphalt will need resealing every few years to keep looking nice and functioning optimally and it doesn’t show stains as much as concrete does. Concrete has a variety of color and design options and can look chic for patios and hang out areas around the home.


Asphalt is 100% recyclable and can be used over and over again. It can be reused without even moving it from the site by using pulverization. This makes it a very eco-friendly option. Asphalt pavements also do not leach, which means they have a minimal impact on the environment. Surprisingly asphalt is also reused to make shingles, tennis courts, and even fish hatcheries. Concrete may not have this great attribute, but its durability makes it a wise choice for many situations. If a reduced carbon footprint is on your mind but you need a material that can handle major impacts, talk to us to help put your mind at ease about the best option for your needs and the environment.




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