Considerations for Concrete

Considerations for Concrete

Did you know that we are experts in both concrete and asphalt projects? Paving Utah is our goal, and we have the skills to make sure each project is executed with the highest quality materials and unparalleled proficiency. Concrete and asphalt have their unique advantages and disadvantages, but both products are great options for a wide variety of projects. Often, it’s simply personal preference that is the final decision maker for people. Other times it may be more practical to cost effective to choose one over the other.

Concrete Details for Your Project

The initial cost of concrete is going to be a higher than asphalt. Actually, choosing concrete will probably be about 40 to 50 percent more than an asphalt project, but there are good reasons for this price difference. For starters, concrete lasts quite a bit longer than asphalt. You can count on it lasting for 50 years or more as long as you stay up on the proper maintenance needs. If you’re highly environmentally conscious, you’ll want to know that concrete has a larger carbon footprint than its eco-friendly counterpart, asphalt.

Concrete is an extremely durable product and can withstand a lot that mother nature will throw at it as well as daily wear and tear from us. But if problems do arise, concrete is more expensive to repair than asphalt. With a quality pour and proper care, repairs shouldn’t be a major concern when considering concrete for a project, but it’s good to be aware of possible needs. And speaking of needs, concrete maintenance needs are minimal compared to asphalt. So, if your top priority is a low-maintenance and highly durable pavement, concrete is a great choice for you. Another appealing benefit is the versatility with concrete design. From colors to patterns and textures, concrete offers a wide range of options to finish off the look.

Right now, availability is still a little slower for concrete than asphalt and it is dependent on production at the plant. We’re seeing a turnaround of about 7 to 35 days from approval, whereas asphalt is ready withing 24 hours. If you’re willing to wait a little longer, it may make sense in the end.

Think Outside the Box

Due to concrete’s versatility, you can get creative with your design. Even if you’re installing a basic driveway, it doesn’t have to just be a square slab of concrete—although there is nothing wrong with that. Consider starting the pour offset from the garage and curve it around for some visual appeal. Or add some edging that is a different color and with some concrete stamping to create a beautiful contrast. You can also stamp the entire concrete with a brick or rock look for a high-end feel. To really make it luxurious, consider putting radiant heating underneath the pavement and never have to shovel your driveway or patio again.

When it comes to a project that you want to last for 30, 40, 50 years and more, make sure you do it right from the beginning. For your upcoming concrete project, contact Go Pave Utah to see how we can help.




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