Avoid Pavement Scammers

Avoid Pavement Scammers - Use Professionals Like Go Pave Utah

It seems like scammers will try everything and anything to get what they want. From anonymous text messages asking for dinner dates to phone calls threatening of account closures, scammers are getting smarter with their tactics. It’s hard not to fall prey to these tricksters, but by being a little skeptical with strangers asking for personal information, we can hopefully steer clear of getting taken advantage of. In the paving industry, we’ve heard some frustrating stories of people getting scammed with asphalt projects. Here are some ways to prevent a scam like that from happening to you.

  1. Don’t fall for the “contractor” that shows up at your door. Most paving companies don’t solicit door to door, and the ones that do with have credible information to show you and will not use high-pressure tactics. If you get someone knocking on your door wanting a quick sale, be wary.
  2. Don’t trust the line, “We have extra asphalt right now from a nearby job.” Because asphalt needs to be laid and compacted in an extremely short window while it’s hot, reputable contractors have a pretty good idea of how much they’ll need for a specific job. It’s not likely they’ll have large amounts left over because it’s not feasible to simply transfer it to another site for use.
  3. Take a look at the vehicles the crew is driving. One way to spot a scammer is to check that their vehicles are legit. Most paving contractors will be in clearly marked company vehicles with contact information. They should also have in-state plates. If you see an unmarked vehicle with out-of-state plates, that is a good indicator they’re not going to provide honest work.
  4. Don’t hire on the spot for immediate work. Do some research on the company you’re looking into. Make sure they have some experience and a lot of good reviews. Check social media for further information, and make sure they allow you the time to do the research you feel is needed. In the end, if you feel pressured to make a quick decision for immediate work, it’s a firm no.

How To Know If You’ve Been Scammed

If you’re worried you were a victim of a scam, there will be some tell-tale signs. One problem you’ll notice is that they didn’t prep the area very well. Before laying asphalt, the ground needs to be graded and prepared in order for water to drain effectively. If the crew didn’t take time to prep the area well, that is a reason for concern. Another sign of a problem is if they crew didn’t compact the asphalt, which is necessary for a long-lasting pavement, or they compacted it ineffectively and you’re already noticing deterioration.

Go Pave Utah has the experience and knowledge for high-quality paving projects. We won’t show up at your door to solicit, we never have “extra asphalt” at projects, our vehicles are maintained and clearly marked, and we won’t ever pressure you for quick work. If you are worried that you were scammed, contact us for help repairing it and making it right.




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