3 Reasons to Get White-Tinted Asphalt in Your City

White-Tinted Asphalt in Your City

White-tinted asphalt is becoming increasingly popular, especially in metro areas. Many people are calling this the “cool pavement” because it’s a revolutionary way to deal with common problems in hot cities.

White asphalt gets it color from a sealing coat. As a result, it comes with all of the advantages of regular asphalt, plus a few extra. If you want to stay ahead of the times, this is the way to go. Below are three reasons you should invest in it today!

1. Decreased Temperatures

One of the most noticeable advantages of this pavement is its ability to manage escalating temperatures.

In the summer, cities are notorious for reaching high temperatures. In fact, in some areas, black asphalt will get over 100 degrees.

One of the benefits of white asphalt is that it reflects some of the sun. Black asphalt, on the other hand, absorbs the sun’s rays, making it hotter.

In some areas, getting white-tinted asphalt may reduce the temperatures of the streets by 20 to 30 degrees. Not only is that a big difference for those who walk and bike around, but it also plays a role in other aspects of life.

2. Better for the Climate

Not only are lower temperatures more comfortable for city inhabitants, they are also indicative of better climate control.

When the white-tinted asphalt reflects the sunlight instead of absorbing it, a lot of these rays then bounce back into the atmosphere. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which scientists believe could help our environment.

3. Great Aesthetics

While we know that your community’s health and well-being is important to you, we also know that appearances matter. Luckily, with white asphalt, you can get all the advantages previously mentioned — and look good doing it!

White asphalt looks polished and professional. Aesthetically speaking, many people prefer the look of these roads.

People want to feel proud of their city and the innovations they are making, and these roads are a great way to do that.

Learn More About White-Tinted Asphalt

White asphalt is a popular new technique that’s not going away any time soon. In fact, it’s something you’re sure to see a lot more of in upcoming years.

If you’re ready to make this change in your areas, contact us! We’ll help you to understand the process and costs of tinting your roads white. Call us for a free quote today.




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