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At Go Pave Utah, we’re proud to serve our loyal customers throughout the year, including several winter services like ice dam removal throughout Salt Lake City and other areas of Utah. We have years of experience assisting home and business owners with ice dam concerns, which can lead to everything from water damage and staining concerns to mold, mildew and other contamination. Our team is available any time of day or night to bring you safe, effective ice dam removal and prevention services and keep your structure protected.

Assessing Ice Dams and Their Causes

Assessing Ice Dams and Their Causes

Ice dams are caused by a mixture of snow on the roof and high roof surface temperatures, which can come about due to everything from home air leakage to faulty exhaust systems or chimney issues. When roof temperatures are high enough to melt snow, the resulting runoff may flow to a portion of the roof that remains at freezing temperatures, quickly converting into ice. Over time, this water will back up and may flow into parts of the structure.

When you call the Go Pave Utah team for assistance with your ice dam, we provide more than just a Band-Aid – we assess the root causes of your ice dam concerns and address them in permanent ways.

Professional Solutions

In some cases, ice dams can be quickly remedied by removing the snow from the roof, then using a flow of tap water to break up the dam and allow water to flow properly into the drainage system and off the roof. In others, though, our professional-level services will be required, including multiple potential tests to determine the airflow issues with your ceiling or roof and how they can be addressed.

We’ll locate the primary heat loss areas in your structure, first repairing them before helping you deal with interior damage. We’ll also help you ensure your roof has the proper ventilation moving forward.

Professional Solutions
Future Ice Dam Prevention

Future Ice Dam Prevention

Our long-term ice dam prevention services include:

  • Insulation: Proper insulation in the roof and ceiling areas is vital for preventing further heat loss and potential ice dam issues. We’ll ensure you’re up to code and even exceed it if necessary.
  • Ventilation: We’ll help you assess the ventilation quality of your attic and suggest simple upgrades if needed.
  • Air barrier: Down similar lines, we’ll ensure your roof and ceiling have a 100 percent sealed air barrier that allows no hot air from the house into the attic or onto the roof’s surface.

To learn more about our ice dam prevention or any of our other winter services, contact the pros at Go Pave Utah today.



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